Work Smarter: 10 Useful Extensions for Web Workers

I spend a lot of time looking at websites and dissecting them to figure out what’s working and what’s not. I also have to manage a business and keep my life in order. To do this I’ve put together a menagerie of extensions and apps for Google Chrome that lets me work smarter and pull the information I want quickly.

If you’re job revolves around the web, then you want to get the most out of every session, tab and site you visit. This list will help you save time, focus and find what you need faster. It’s a little heavy on tools for marketers, but there should still be something here for everyone.

Here are the Chrome Extensions & Apps I Use

Click the screenshot to go the app or extensions page in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Evernote Web   Chrome Web Store

Evernote Web Clipper Extension

Evernote is like an extra brain that saves information, ideas and documents to the cloud. My favorite features are the Simplified Article that gets rid of everything but the text and the bookmark tool.

Gmail Offline   Chrome Web Store

Gmail Offline Extension

Gmail Offline lets you handle email when you’re sitting in airports or having connectivity issues. I try not to use it too much (you have to go offline sometimes), but it’s handy when you’ve got a long commute.

MailChimp   Chrome Web Store

MailChiimp App

The MailChimp gives you a shortcut to the MailChimp site. That doesn’t seem like much until you think about how often you go into MC to check the status of campaigns. Depending on my roster, I might be looking at email reports 2-3 times per day. This app saves me a bit of time on each visit.

Schema Explorer   Chrome Web Store

Schema Explorer Extension

Structured data is the special sauce that improves content relevance and clarity for search engines. If you aren’t using it, then you need to visit today. This extension lets me view the schema being used on any page. Great for diagnosing issues and review code changes.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome™   Chrome Web Store

Shareaholic Extension

I’m not deeply engaged with social all day, but I still want to share good content when I find it. Shareaholic lets you share to a large list of social networks with a couple of clicks.

Timer   Chrome Web Store

Timer App

I discovered a while ago that I work best in short bursts. Timer lets me set a timer  and then sounds an alarm when I need to stop and switch tasks. It also offers a stopwatch and alarm clock features. It’s great for keeping your day structured and will keep you from getting sucked into any task for too long.

Tools for Google Maps™   Chrome Web Store

Tools for Google Maps Extension

Tools adds point-to-point distance measurement, longitude/latitude overlay, map screenshots and fulls screen to Maps. I use it to plan runs, figure out coordinates on mapping projects and easily pull maps for use in presentations or posts.

Wappalyzer   Chrome Web Store

Wappalyzer Extension

This is one of my favorite extensions. It gives you a list of applications, tools and frameworks being run by any site you visit. This is really handy for planning web projects and auditing sites.

InvisibleHand   Chrome Web Store

Invisible Hand Extension

Invisible hand makes it easy to find the best price by putting an overlay over any product page you visit. If there is a better price on the web, then it will tell you and give you a link. I use this for my own shopping, but also to do pricing research for clients.

Awesome Screenshot App   Chrome Web Store

Awesome Screenshot Capture Extension

Everyone needs screenshots. Awesome lets you select different views, take the whole page or just capture the visible area. You can then do basic edits and annotations. Very handy when you don’t have access to an image editor or you need to quickly give feedback.

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