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Smart and Fast: 4.5 Ways to Optimize Your Marketing with Geographic Data

Studying your geographic data can reveal several ways to improve ROI, find new clients and better understand your market.

Avg weekly wages by county in TX

1. Find which parts of a state are worth PPC spend

States like Texas and California are extremely diverse — not just race, but home size, education, income, travel patterns, and hobbies. Make sure you are looking below the state-level, so you aren’t wasting money in San Antonio that could drive sales in Houston.

2. Social listening for local prospects

Use saved searches, #hashtags and lists to create segments for social listening. Learn about people near you that want what you offer, do what you do, or provide something you need. This is a great way to identify networking opportunities and get alerted to emerging opportunities.

Twitter’s advanced search gives you an easy way to build searches with location:


If you are using Hootsuite, then you can use coordinates along with queries to create targeted tabs in your dashboard. Here’s a quick tutorial on it

2.5. Hyper-local newsjacking

A Trappist brewery just opened in Massachusetts. It’s the only one of it’s kind in the U.S. As a beer lover, I’m ecstatic. As a marketer, I wish I had a pub or restaurant as a client. I expect some Trappist Ale tasting parties in the near future. I’ll definitely be having one in my living room.

The point is that cool, interesting and engaging things are happening all around you and your customers. You don’t need a Super Bowl or a crazy mayor to give you news worthy of jacking. But you do need to know what areas matter to you and have processes in place to catch the good stuff.

Internet Use Trends Among Latinos

3. Spot content ripe for translation

In the U.S., 78% of Latinos use the internet regularly according to the Pew Hispanic Trends Project. That’s up from 64% in 2009. You may not be thinking about the Latino market, but it’s thinking about your products and competitors. It’s time for you to start looking at languages and figuring out if any of your content should be translated in order to give you a leg-up with a fast-growing demographic.

Here’s a Spanish Speaking Visitor segment (remember to be logged into GA before clicking).


Of course, this doesn’t just apply to Spanish or the U.S. You might analyze how much of your traffic in India is Hindi versus English; or how much of your Swiss traffic is German vs French or Italian. You can change the segment to fit your needs by editing the language line (see screenshot).

4. Optimize site search with regional synonyms/variants

Are you trying to sell spigots or faucets in the South? Do you know what a davenport is? We are all products of our environments and every region has some differences. You can increase the value of your site search by looking for and incorporating variations from your key markets.

Bonus: This is also a good practice for product feeds you use in Google, Amazon or Commission Junction.


Featured image courtesy of NASA via Wiki Commons

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