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Social Media: Meet Them On Their Turf

SMBs and Startups benefit from social media by attuning their messages to the styles and tools of each social network, and using them attract new business, retain customers, and create brand advocates. Social media can be a powerful tool for both direct marketing and brand building if you are willing to assimilate into the cultures of each social network and their sub-cultures.

My Social Media approach focuses on understanding what social networks make sense for you and what type of content will work best. I start by looking at target audiences, network-specific features, business goals, and industry practices to identify the right media mix to convey your message. I then build an organic and/or paid social approach that drives the right amount of traffic to reach your goals. You'll find that creative evolves and conversions become consistent as we learn what works, and that your brand becomes part of conversations about your industry, issue or product.