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Quick Mobile Note: Get AMP Pages Setup

What Is AMP

Google just announced they’ll be re-jiggering their algorithm to give a bit more emphasis to mobile-friendliness. This will happen some time around the beginning of May. If you haven’t already setup a mobile-friendly or responsive site, then please get on that right away. If you have a mobile-friendly site, but want to go the extra […]

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Project Manager


A lot of organizations don’t think they need a digital project manager, but the value shouldn’t be overlooked — especially if your organization doesn’t have strong in-house web & IT resources. If you’re embarking on a new digital project, then consider these benefits of a digital project manager before deciding to tackle the project on […]

[Video] Reducing Internal Friction for Team Members

We spend a lot of time removing internal obstacles and friction points for customers, but we neglect making things easier for new team members and even new clients. This leads to wasted time and impacts morale. Here are some thoughts on making onboarding easier for new associates (team members, clients, vendors, etc.) This post was […]

In the Iron Triangle: Estimating Project Costs


Unnoticed differences in project requirements or unquestioned assumptions can lead to project estimating mistakes. Fortunately, these mistakes are avoidable if we don’t take any component of a project cost estimate for granted. Three Common Ways We Miss on Project Cost Estimates Looking back through some of my projects, I see 3 main ways that you […]