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Quick Note: Don’t Get Caught Up


It’s too easy to accept the status quo in your life. Make sure that your routines and techniques actually accomplish what you want them to. Don’t get caught up in assumptions about what you should do. Question the assumptions and focus on making the right moves to live the life you want. That might mean […]

Goodbye Prince.


This year has been a rough one. I held it together when Bowie left us, but Prince was part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up with his music and several of his songs still get regular play. I doubt if we’ll ever fully understand the influence he had […]

[Video] Reducing Internal Friction for Team Members

We spend a lot of time removing internal obstacles and friction points for customers, but we neglect making things easier for new team members and even new clients. This leads to wasted time and impacts morale. Here are some thoughts on making onboarding easier for new associates (team members, clients, vendors, etc.) This post was […]

Gone West: Seeking in SF


People here are trying to find themselves…or maybe just pieces of themselves. They come here with skills, desires and longings and San Francisco says, “Trust yourself. It’s here. You’ll figure it out”. What “it” is will vary, but the city gives you a powerful message: you can be someone different, you can be who you want […]