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Google I/O 2014 Puts Android Everywhere

Google I O 2014   Sandbox

This year, Google added and enriched the connective tissue between the different Android permutations and devices. The focus is on creating an ecosystem where all devices play well together and your experience isn’t limited to a particular setting or device. Here’s a video Google released yesterday that shows the multi-screen world that they are going […]

Summer Fun Thoughts

Start planning for Q4: what needs ordering, building, optimizing, removing or replacing. Bring Summer energy into the office: have a walking meeting, bring fresh fruit to the office, create a Crazy Sunglasses Contest, arrange a late day sunshine break. Go somewhere: a concert, a meetup, a resort, a morning yoga class, a margarita party.

How do you give your brain a break?


Getting rest and stress-relief are challenges for everyone, but it’s probably even more difficult for entrepreneurs. Without a standard workday or a standard paycheck, you are always working on an opportunity or working to create a new opportunity. Somewhere in there you also have to do things like laundry, pay bills and attend birthday parties. […]