Get Better Results from Your Digital Marketing

Demand Generation

Customer centric, multi-channel demand generation programs that fills your sales pipeline.


Scalable, ROI-focused ecommerce acquisition programs that drive better order volume and LTV.

Hi, I’m Chris Boulanger.

I’m here to help companies design, build, and optimize digital marketing programs that deliver growth & strong ROI.

Does your company need help with growth? Looking for ways to increase traffic, orders or LTV? Wondering how to lower CAC or time to purchase?

Those are just some of the challenges I can help you with. Keep reading (& clicking) to learn more.

What are you looking for?

More Leads & Deals

Demand generation designed to zero in on the best mix of channels, offers, and operations to grow your business.

Lets build programs that reach the right prospects & close the right deals. 


  • Increase lead volume
  • Market across the customer journey
  • Automate outreach & lead qualification
  • Reduce deal close time
  • Deliver more deals & higher value

More Orders & Items Per Order

Ecommerce marketing designed to maximize the value in your catalog and increase cart size.

Lets build programs that place your products in front of the right shoppers & convert at the right ROI.


  • Increase new customer acquisition
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Automate upsells & lifecycle marketing
  • Raise average order value
  • Deliver more orders & better margins

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Still here?

Have questions? Not sure what you need? Why not schedule a chat with me? I promise that we’ll spend our time talking about your ideas and your business. No pitch, no selling, and I won’t even ask you to look at one of those agency presentations. We’ll just talk and I’ll offer you suggestions.