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2014 Digital Resolution: Own Your Digital Processes

There is no digital deus ex machina: things don’t just work and they won’t get better without planning and concerted effort. Don’t take outcomes for granted.

Every managers 2014 resolutions should include diagramming, documenting and discussing their key processes.

  • Don’t take inefficiencies for granted.
  • Ask vendors to give you a demo of recent upgrades.
  • Build cross-functional competencies to reduce dependencies.
  • Know why something takes the amount of time, money and people it does.
  • Expect more from your reports, your campaigns, and yourself.

There is no magic to getting it right.
You have to plan it, build it, break it, fix it, find it, write it, test it, prove it, lead it yourself.

Featured image by Frédéric Bisson from Rouen, France (Cames de la pompe Girodias) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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