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Gone West: Seeking in SF

People here are trying to find themselves…or maybe just pieces of themselves. They come here with skills, desires and longings and San Francisco says, “Trust yourself. It’s here. You’ll figure it out”. What “it” is will vary, but the city gives you a powerful message: you can be someone different, you can be who you want to be, you can find/build/buy that missing piece.

You’ll take the risks, learn something new, become someone different because you know what you want is out here.

I joke that everyone here has a startup. That’s kind of true, but the more apt description is that everyone here has a quest. It might be wealth, it might to see an idea become real, it might be love, or a great meal or a moment of zen. Whatever it is, they know they’ll find it here.

There is a hungry energy that pervades this place. There is a knowledge that what you want is here, but it won’t be easily revealed. There is an understanding that you might have to change/rebuild/rediscover yourself to get what you want, but that it will be worth it.

You can try to play coy, but no one stays here if they aren’t a seeker.

Feature image courtesy of Cinema Shame