4 Handy Content Tools to Start Using Today

Learn about 4 effective and affordable content tools that you can use to create better blog posts, articles and offers.



November 9, 2015


Here are 4 content tools that I use frequently, and that you can pick-up and start using right away. Note they all offer free options, but also have premium versions or premium content.



Why Use It? You need to develop a content strategy and want to learn what’s working in your industry.
Pricing: Premium starting at $99/month for up to 5 users

You type in keywords, topics, or brands and it will show you the most popular posts from around the web. With the free version, you can filter by publishing recency, language, and content type, and then see the social shares from FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google+ — but only for 10 or so pieces of content. With the Pro version, you’ll get a list of backlinks, a sample of who share the content, and tens of thousands of articles.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator


Why Use It? Coming up with blog post ideas can be a challenge. This tool will give you week’s worth of ideas and some inspiration for titles/headlines.
Pricing: Free

Input 3 terms (they recommend using nouns) and the tool will give you 5 topics to write about. I find that it works best if have set of keywords already. Take your keywords and do three or four rounds with the tool, then mix and match the results.


Why Use It? Quickly improve your writing. Catch typos, bad grammar and weird syntax before you publish.
Pricing: Monthly ($29.95/month), Quarterly ($19.98/month), Annual ($11.66/month)


Once you’ve added the Chrome extension, you’ll have access to spelling and grammar check for your blog, forms, comments, social posts, and anywhere else that you write online. In terms of features, it works like Word or any other word-processing program. Needed corrections are underlined in red, and you can click on the error to see the suggested correction as well as some explanations. The dictionary does occasionally have problems with brand names and uncommon terms and code, but you can always ignore a correction that you don’t agree with.


Why Use It? Easily create professional looking graphics without spending hours in image editing tools.
Pricing: Premium templates starting from $1.99


With Canva, you’re able to create good looking graphics and publish quickly with limited design skills. The site features pre-built templates for social posts, presentations, banners, posters, book covers and other visual content needs. It also has solid yet intuitive editing tools for handling text. The templates are all high-quality and there are plenty of free ones to get you started. If you’re more creatively inclined, then you can also create your own templates.

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