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5 Management Quotes for Project Managers

Project Management techniques give you a very effective way to conceptualize and complete projects, but they are not too good about helping you develop a management style that works across personalities and perspectives. Here are some quotes I try to keep in mind when PM approaches lead to conflict, confusion or a lack of buy-in. I find that the quotes help me shift my perspective and adjust to the situation.

I think everyone has seen this quote at some point. For me, it’s about stepping back and allowing people to find alternative paths to goals. It’s easy to get set into a plan and then find yourself defending that one way of doing things. But if you know what matters and focus there, then you see that there are many ways to reach your goal.

Rochefoucald-It-is-not-enough-to-haveThis one reminds me that its not enough for me to know things if I can’t convey them and teach them. Mostly this leads to me doing a lot of PowerPoint presentations to get everyone on the same page. It also reminds me to keep track of where I’m putting my energy and focus.

For me, this is all about the need to teach as a I manage. I work across disciplines/departments (IT, Marketing, Design) and almost everyday presents a teaching moment when I can help people become better at their job. Whether it’s a quick tutorial on a tool or a 6-month marketing plan, the goal is to make people more informed, aware and capable.

Teddy-Roosevelt_The-best-executive-isThis is all about me trusting the people that I delegate things to. Trusting that they’ve got it covered and that I shouldn’t be hovering over them. It seems simple, but it’s still hard for me sometimes. Yes, I’m a bit of a control freak.

I come from a direct marketing background, so measurement is essential for me. But measuring project progress isn’t just about milestones or phase sign-offs. You also have to think about how the organization will manage the new digital world that you are creating. This quote reminds me to think about the processes and KPIs that will need to exist in the future. I try to start laying the groundwork for new communication or measurement protocols in advance of go-live.

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