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Android for the Masses & The Marketers

Came across this announcement from IDC. It talks about the dominance of Android at the lower end of the mobile market.

This chart says it better than I can:

When you combine this chart with Android’s global market share (84.7%) and YOY shipment growth (33%) , you get a clear picture of a world where most phones are using Android. This isn’t news, and will likely accelerate if you think about initiatives like Android One, but its something that every marketer and developer needs to be thinking more about.

If you are selling in international markets or are involved with travel/tourism, then you need to be putting more energy on Android NOW.

Some things you should be building into your plans:

  • Require robust browser testing of Chrome for Android if you are selling in Asia or India.
  • Develop strategies for getting into the right tab in Gmail. This is going to be the default email app for everyone because of it’s tight integration to the phone.
  • Google+ should be the #2 or #3 social network you target because you know it’s content will show up in SERPs and any Android user is pretty much locked into Google on their phone.
  • Building mobile apps for Android FIRST because the market size is 7x that of iOS.
  • Mobile payment solutions that work in places where credit cards and bank accounts are not a given.

Consumers in rich countries like the U.S. are going to continue perceiving an Android/iOS rivalry for a while. But Google has already taken over the rest of the world. The developing world is becoming more affluent but Apple products will remain an out-of-reach luxury for most people.

Let’s all start getting use to an Android world.

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