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Content SEO Tip: Synonyms and Seasons

As the weather changes, so does our thinking about product attributes. If you are optimizing for seasonal promotions or trying to refresh your existing content, then look at seasonal adjectives and their synonyms to pick up some incremental gains.

Words like cozy, snug, warm, and rain proof see steady increases in traffic as we move into the winter months. You’ll have to adjust for seasons in different parts of the world — along with different languages/vernacular — if you are talking about international SEO, but the idea still applies.

2013 trend for Cozy

Don’t expect huge lift unless you’ve ignored adjectives up until now. Yet working a few adjectives and variations into your product copy, paid search campaigns and email subject lines will give you access to a broad set of long-tail keywords and also help shift user psychology toward the new shopping season.

Places to Use Seasonal Adjectives & Synonyms

  • Product descriptions
  • Email headlines
  • Paid search headlines
  • Keywords in product feeds
  • Seasonal category navigation
  • Hashtags

If you are short on time, then I suggest identifying a small set of words that are common to all your products and then pulling a good set of synonyms for them. You can use a simple Google query: synonym for “your adjective” and it will give you something that looks like this:

Use a simple google query to grab a quick list of synonyms

If you are thinking long-term, then it’s a good idea to start building your own library of seasonal terms. Your paid search reports should give you some good starting points (look at query reports), you might also check Webmaster tools.

Bonus points if you start going into regional variations.

A Word of Caution

Don’t overdo it. Look for the one or two adjectives that have the most long-tail traffic potential or that resonate best with your audience. The less words you have the less you should inject them. Try split testing the use of different adjectives in your paid search ads or email subject lines if you want data fast.

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