Quick Note: Don’t Get Caught Up

Don't get caught up in routines. Remember what matters. Go after that. Everything else is an obstacle or a distraction.



April 28, 2016


It’s too easy to accept the status quo in your life. Down that road is stagnation & regrets. Question the assumptions and focus on making the right moves to live the life you want. Don’t take it for granted that what you’re doing is the “right way” or is worth the time.

Look at how you spend your time and ask yourself why you’re doing it. If your best answer is that you’ve always done it, or that an expert said you should, then you need to reassess. Everything you’re doing in your business and in your life needs to tie back to your goals for yourself.

Things to check (traps to avoid):

  • Are you blogging or cold calling or emailing every day because everyone else does? Is it working? If not, then stop and assess.
  • Working late every night? Skipping vacations? Exhausting yourself to “look” like a go-getter isn’t going to help you actually grow. Focus on what matters and then take a break.
  • Are your clients worth the money? Sure you need to keep the lights on, but if there’s no margin then you are going to be treading water forever. If you think the money might grow down the line, then make sure you have a plan to make it grow and not just a wish that it will. Don’t just hope they get better, figure out how to make them better.
  • Don’t take advice from anyone as gospel (me, included). The startup founder, influencer or CEO probably work very hard and have some tips to help you. But that’s them and their time. Learn from the ones that came before you, but remember that you need to adapt everything to your NOW.
  • Don’t assume everything will keep working. Ask your vendors where they see the market in 5 years. Ask your customers the same thing. Look ahead and start moving toward the new normal before it overtakes you. If you ever find yourself doubting the need to think ahead and adapt, then lookup Blockbuster Video (I think you see my point).

What’s This All About

I’ve written this in honor of a good friend that is dying. I visited him a couple of weeks ago and it dawned on me how many times I put off visiting him when he was healthy. I realized that there were probably other people and experiences I’d missed because I was too busy clocking hours and trying to close. Now I just wish I had more time.

Remember what matters. Go after that. Everything else is an obstacle or a distraction.

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