Attract, Convince, Convert & Retain  Ecommerce Customers

At the end of the day, there are only 3 ways to grow an ecommerce business: more traffic, more orders, or bigger orders. These three goals are our guide. We layer good measurement, margins, and merchandising over them to figure out what we’re selling, how, and to who.

Our Approach


Know the products and the customers by category, margin, conversion rate, and anything else that differentiates them.  Figure out whats has growth potential. Find niches that you can exploit.

Be Seen

Seems obvious, but companies blow millions on below fold placements & emails that go straight to Spam. Make sure you’re maximizing visibility in the right channels based on traffic potential, cost, and conversion rates.

Optimize & Serve

Make it easy to browse, checkout, reorder & discover. Use automation to reduce steps, raise awareness of products, and retain customer loyalty. Answer questions & make connections for your visitors.

The Channels

Ecommerce customers can start their shopping anywhere and be influenced by any number of touchpoints. But its safe to say most or all of these marketing channels will be involved.


Easily abused and often neglected. But its the best channel for reaching past purchasers and those already connected to your brand. Leverage segmentation and smart automation to drive repeat purchases and high-ROI campaigns.


Whether paid or organic, search can serve at every point along the customer journey. Deeper strategies should pay attention to research and post-purchase content, but we start by being there on the high intent queries.


Everyone is a publisher now. For Ecoms, its about educating and building connections to customers lives. Understand how products connect to larger goals, solve everyday problems, or unlock new opportunities. Those are the stories we want to tell.


The scale and the targeting can be amazing, but those conversion rates will often make you wince. Boost performance with retargeting. Don’t get too attached to an audience. And make as many ads you can. Test and analyze to improve more. Be willing to say,”This isn’t working.” and move on.

Marketplaces (& Affiliates)

We’re not just talking about the guys in Seattle. Marketplaces can give you access to untapped audiences and deliver strong ROI. But those commissions can add up. Be smart about where you place products and what you place. Avoid low-margin products and low-quality sites.

The Tech Stack

Shopper expectations keep increasing and you have to meet them. But that doesn’t mean tacking on every new tool that comes along. We focus on delivering a fast, intuitive experience with many paths leading to checkout. These are the essentials that we build on.


Ecommerce lends itself to granular analysis. Every key interaction and transaction should be measured and available for analysis. Beyond clickstream, behavior, and conversion data, you want good reporting on the bottom-line metrics to be at your finger tips, as well as data on fulfillment.


A good PIM tied to a strong front-end is a real competitive advantage. You want to make sure it easily accommodates product variants, multi-category, pricing updates, localization, custom fields, and a variety of data types. Bonus if you can use it to automatically update feeds for different channels.

A Good Website

Seems simple, but too many sites spend their budgets on making things look cool, and not enough making sure it loads fast and makes sense to visitors. Start with the basics: clear navigation, efficient checkout, and good product information. Your goal is solving problems. Every design decision should keep that in mind.


What will you do for my company?

A: The exact scope of work varies a lot. I’m an all-in-one marketing agency for some, strictly a consultant for others, and a project manager whenever things need to get done. Tell me what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll shape an engagement to meet your needs.

How much do you charge?

A: Minimum $1200/month retainer. That scales up based on the number of channels and how much work I am handling. Depending on the scope, I might suggest others take on parts to increase efficiency or reduce costs. In these cases, I’ll connect you with them directly or do a straight pass-through with no markup.

How fast will I see results?

A: A lot depends on what you’ve got in place, your priorities, your products and the season. We can bring paid channels online quickly and scale them up in a matter of weeks (even days) depending on budgets. But SEO, content, and (good) email will take time, especially if you haven’t invested in the capabilities before. Plan for 2-4 months before you really start seeing results.

Let’s Get Started