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Gone West: Early Thoughts on San Francisco

I’ve moved to San Francisco to work on a new ecommerce idea. It’s a short-term move at the moment — only 3 months for sure — but it could go longer.  I can’t say much right now, but I’m excited.

Here are some early impressions/thoughts from San Francisco after being here for almost 2 weeks.

So far, I’ve been:

  • Shocked by how little space you get for your money in San Francisco. I thought Boston was bad, but here I’ve been offered actual closets for $1500.
  • Extremely happy with the food. Even burger spots are using all organic ingredients.
  • Embarrassed by my poor chopstick skills. Had some funny moments at a sushi joint.
  • Grateful to my friends that have helped me get settled. I had a couch to sleep on, a Clipper card and suggestions on where to stay as soon as a I landed. And now I’m living with a friend I’ve know for 20 years.
  • Fighting the urge to shop. They have some great shops here and I’m not opposed to some retail therapy. So far, I’ve bought a cool hat. But I’m trying not to blow money too quickly.
  • A bit skeptical of all the startups. I’m not skeptical of start-ups per se, just the fact that EVERYONE I meet has one. I think startups are to SF what music producers are to NYC — everyone is talking but you can’t know if they’re really doing anything.
  • Nostalgic for Dunkin Donuts. I liked going into my local DD and saying,  “medium, hot, regular” to get a cup of coffee exactly how I wanted it. Right now, I’m trying coffee shops and trying to get my cream/sugar ratios right.
  • Impressed by public transporation. Between the MUNI and BART, I feel you can get everywhere you need to. I wish it ran all night, but I think only Chicago and New York do that in the US.

Heading to a free music festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend and will be starting to attend meetups next week. I’ll write more about my San Francisco experience.

If you’ve got any suggestions for good drinks, good shows, good networking or just places I should see, then please leave them in the comments.

image from SFMTA

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