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Gone West: Nightlife, Networking & Nature

My first full week as a San Francisco resident re-enforced all the my hopes and expectations about coming to the West Coast. Here are some highlights.

Free Jazz Night at The Make-Out Spot

I was looking for something mellow to start the week and found this event in the Mission. 3 solid jazz bands that started on time. I liked the space a lot as well: along bar, booths along the side, bedazzled deer heads above the bar, weird art on the walls, and a bunch of streamers and balloons hanging from the ceiling. The people were chill — I talk to a few people and they were happy to tell me about the bands, the area and the jazz scene in general.

While I came for the jazz, I learned that this place is a venue for a lot of different types of music: in the coming weeks, they’ll have reggaeton, hip-hop and poetry readings. I’ll definitely be going back to this eclectic spot. See their calendar.

Networking at General Assembly

It took me a while to embrace it, but face-to-face networking has become a key part of my business development. My first networking event in San Francisco was the a Startup Marketing Mixer at General Assembly. FYI: General Assembly is a training and education space with a focus on digital skills. You can learn UX design, web development and a lot of other skills to get ahead. I’m thinking about their data science course for later in the year.

One thing that I noticed as soon as I arrived was how willing people were to talk. Often you find that people break into little cliques and it’s hard or uncomfortable to step in. At this event, everyone seemed happy to introduce themselves and share what they are working on. It was also a good mix of people: there were plenty of startups, but I also encountered students, managers of established businesses and a few people looking for my services.

Thanks to David Mitroff (@DavidMitroff) for speaking on startup marketing. I know several people there felt it was good presentation.

Nature Hiking in the Golden Gate Recreation Area

One of my good friends, Rana Banerjee, led me on a ~7mi hike around this wonderful space that’s only about 30 minutes from San Francisco. We hiked portions of the Dipsea trail and all of the Steep Ravine trail. It was my first time getting out into nature since moving here and it brought home to me how wonderful the area can be. We went over and hung out on Stinson Beach afterward and that was my first time hanging out by the ocean here. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day because the water was cold.

Here are a few pictures from the hike:

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I also visited a great weekly house night at F8, discovered a friendly bondage night at Cat Club & was overwhelmed by an army of adolescents running a race in Alameda. A very fun week that makes me grateful for the friends I’ve got out here and for the all the things you can do in the SF Bay Area.