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Client Organizations

I'm an acquired taste, but organizations that work with me tend to stay with me. These are my current clients: great organizations with a commitment to getting better. Click below to learn more about them.

Diversity MBA Magazine logoDiversity MBA Magazine is a Chicago-based publishing company focused on the recruitment, development and retention of diverse professionals. It provides advertising opportunities and market-leading consulting services to Fortune 500 firms and others.

Fluid Interactive Logo

Fluid Interactive is an Italian software company specializing in advanced 3D visualization and rendering. They provide desktop software and extensions for the creation of photorealistic and artistic renderings of 3D models.

National Safety Council logo
The National Safety Council is a 100-year-old non-profit based in Itasca, IL. They are devoted to improving workplace safety through research, education and advocacy. They provide safety training through training centers throughout the country and online; and also offer consulting services.