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@Inbound2013 Getting Started w/ HubSpot Session

In my first session @hubspot Inbound 2013 – Here is the bullet point version of the session. This is part of the Test Drives track. I’ll add more details and possibly slides later today.

Brian from HubSpot – – setup a trial

8 Steps to getting value

1. Setup User Profile
2. Add your team
3. Add  Competitors
4. Connect to social accounts
5. Setup Keywords
6. Install Tracking Code
7. Raid HubSpot Library
8. HubSpot Academy

Doing research for a client, but I’m considering signing up for HubSpot myself. The key things that I like are the notifications, competitor tracking and role based management.

I’ll attending  sessions on Analytics and Workstreams later today. I’ll let you know what I find.

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