Deliver Better Digital Marketing Results for Your Company

I’m Chris Boulanger. I help companies design, build, and optimize digital marketing programs for customer acquisition and retention.

Does your company need help with growth? Looking for ways to increase traffic, improve LTV, lower CPL or CAC?

That’s what I’m here for.

Demand Gen

Build marketing campaigns that grabs your prospects attention, gets them to your site, and gets them to say, “Yes” to a demo or sales consult. Lets work together to:

  • Build better segmentation
  • Launch campaigns that convert
  • Automate nurturing and lifecycle marketing
  • Improve Sales outreach & prospecting
  • Move more MQLs to Customer
  • Fill your pipeline


Leverage site architecture, personalization, merchandising, targeted offers, and testing to acquire new customers, boost retention/repeat business, and increase LTV. Lets work together to:

  • Align content & offers to your target audience
  • Increase unpaid/owned channel revenue
  • Optimize visitor paths & site accessibility
  • Improve checkout flows & Add-to-Carts
  • Lower cost/conv in paid channels
  • Accelerate profitable growth

A few of the companies I’ve worked with

Some writing on digital marketing & some other topics

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