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Facing My Premature Sharing Problem Pt. 1

Back in February,  The Verge had a piece about how often we share without reading that made me feel a bit embarrassed. I applaud the Verge for bringing attention to this issue — it’s good to know I’m not alone. But now I need to do something to solve my problem. To cure myself, I’m going to try an experiment in delayed gratification.

Step 1 is to go back over my social shares from 2/14 (when The Verge piece was published), read and annotate them. I think this will force me to slow down and immerse myself in the reading experience. I expect it to take a while, but be worth it overall.

The Plan is:

  1. Tues 3/11/2014: Google+ posts
  2. Wed 3/12/2014: Twitter posts
  3. Thurs 3/13/2014: LinkedIn posts


  • Focus on things that I shared, but exclude retweets. Yes, I’m guilty of the same thing with my retweets (along with FB shares and G+ shares), but I want to focus on my consumption first.
  • Say why each piece was share-worthy or wasn’t.

Check back tomorrow for my first reading list.

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