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Premature Sharing Therapy: Taking it Slow with Google Plus

As part of my treatment for premature sharing, I’m checking and noting the post that I’ve shared since mid-February. Here’s what I shared and have now definitely read on Google Plus:

3/8 – Exclusive Ninja Tune Mix by Eskmo
I listened to this mix by Eskmo twice on Saturday. There were a couple of spots where it was too slow for me, but it helped me clear my head, kept my energy up while I worked and then provided a good vibe for heading to the gym — that’s a damn good mix. I’ve been a Ninja Tune fan since college, but I haven’t followed their roster closely in a while. I don’t know how to classify Eskmo, except to say it’s good stuff for chillin.

Bonus: Watch “We Got More”

3/7 – How The Western Press Is Getting It Terribly Wrong In Ukraine
I’ve been paying more attention to the Ukraine situation since reading this. I hadn’t been following too closely up until then, but a couple of myths had already made it into my thinking. Greg Satell’s piece dispelled the rumors and got me engaged.

3/5 – The Simplest Facebook Metric to Remember
Facebook Insights offers a lot of good information, but I love the use of People Talking About This divided by Lifetime Likes (PTAT / LL) to gauge the level of engagement you’re getting from Facebook.

Of course, doing this analysis led to a lot of cursing. Facebook has been pretty honest about their shift to pay for play, but it still sucks to see it in numbers. Upside is that now I have more evidence to show clients about the need to re-think FB.

3/4 – The Plight of NCIS: TV’s Biggest Drama Gets No Respect
I’m exactly who Gary Glassberg is talking about when he says,

“It’s a rare scenario where I really think at the end of the day, there were a lot of people who had never given NCIS a chance,” he says. “They watched it in syndication and suddenly they’re saying, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll watch Tuesday night as well.’”

I got into NCIS through it’s syndication on USA and I’ve stayed with it on CBS for the last 2 years. I’m never totally up-to-date, but it’s a good fallback for a Tuesday night. I’m also a big fan of NCIS:LA which has more action and is funnier. I’ll admit I was bummed when Ziva left, but my only real complaint is the crappy video player on

3/1 – The Pattern Library
The Pattern Library is fun for anyone that likes color and procrastinating on the web. I’m sure it’s even more fun if you are a designer looking for inspiration or a place to share designs.

Here is Alchemy by Anton Repponen. This is my favorite of the ones I’ve seen recently.Alchemy by Anton Repponen via The Pattern Library

2/21 – The “Arrow” Team Spills on Sara and Nyssa, Sara and Oliver, “Birds of Prey” and More
Arrow is one of my favorite shows right now. The first season was so much more than I expected & this season has done a great job of developing characters while also developing the DC Universe. This article was a bit of geek-fun during the day. I’m crazy excited to see Deathstroke in action. The Birds of Prey & Suicide Squad episodes should be great if they come out half as well as the mini-premiere of The Flash.

2/19 – Listen to NO ANGELS – BASTILLE
Uberhype is an amazing app that I’ve been pushing myself to use more as part of my New Year’s resolutions. It taps you into the thousands (millions?) of music blogs out there and lets you build your own custom playlists based on blog, genres or artists.

This song was a smooth remix of “No Scrubs” by TLC. Bastille is kind of hit or miss for me, but this track is great.

Here’s the video for the original song:
You’re welcome.

2/17 – 10 Top Tips for Creating Timing Plans: Post Project Review & Optimise
I’m a big fan of the dpm blog and this post fit really well with work I was doing at the time. Anyone managing a big IT or web project should take a look at this post. The major takeaway is that you need to plan for review and adjustment before the final sign-off. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS QA OR UAT. I’m talking about taking another systematic look at the project and finished product after you are officially done, so you can build a comprehensive action plan for enhancing/augmenting the project.

I feel closer to Google Plus now. Like my relationship with the social network has become a bit more intimate. The pleasantly surprising thing for me is that my posts are fairly diverse. Yes, I cover marketing and project management topics but there is also some comics, TV and politics in there. As a rule, I try to be authentic in my social profiles. I think this one reflects me fairly well. The only omissions I notice are travel and craft beer.

Featured image courtesy of cambodiaforkidsorg on Flicr

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