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Premature Sharing Therapy: Taking it Slow with Twitter

Yesterday, I wrote about my by Google Plus shares as part of my premature sharing therapy. Today, I’ll be looking at Twitter. 3/9 – Indie Creators Self-Publish 1,000 Comics on ComiXology in One Year You might know that I’m a comics fan. I’ve traditionally stuck to the big publishers (Marvel mostly), but I’ve been following […]



March 12, 2014


Yesterday, I wrote about my by Google Plus shares as part of my premature sharing therapy. Today, I’ll be looking at Twitter.

3/9 – Indie Creators Self-Publish 1,000 Comics on ComiXology in One Year
You might know that I’m a comics fan. I’ve traditionally stuck to the big publishers (Marvel mostly), but I’ve been following the explosion of self-published work on Kindle, and looking to see if the same thing happened for comics. Kindle has expanded it’s comic library, but it’s most graphic novels from the major publishers. It’s taken ComiXology to bring similar self-publishing growth to comics. I think a part of it is that Amazon hasn’t invested in comic-centric viewer experience.

If you are a comic writer or artist, then checkout comixology Submit

3/9 – Very funny Taylor Swift gif (NSFW)

I originally reblogged this on Tumblr, but here’s the actual video. I probably shouldn’t be sharing this, but I prefer full disclosure.

3/7 – Oeming: Powers

Powers by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming is one of my favorite series of the last 10 years. It’s one of the few where I stuck with it until the end and own all the trades of the first series. I haven’t gotten into Powers Bureau, the new series yet, but I suggest the original to everyone.

Jess Tardy, the talented singer/songwriter (and friend), has a album release show coming up in a few weeks. If you are fan of roots music, strong vocals and a cool mix of country, R&B & folk, then check her out at Club Passim in Cambridge on 3/24

3/5 – NYTimes: Japan Said to Be Ready to Impose Bitcoin Rules
This article came out right after Mt. Gox went down. I feel like crypto-currencies are here to stay. Maybe not BTC, but something will arise. The internet has a libertarian-streak and governments continue losing trust. For now, I’m keeping an eye on BitCoin and looking at how it gets adopted.

I’m also interested in the lower transaction fees with BitCoin as a payment option for retailers, but that takes a backseat to currency stability for now.

3/4 – [SlideShare] by @stephbwills A Guide to User Research (for People Who Don’t Like Talking to Other People)

This is one of my favorite slideshares recently. The digital footprint project I’m managing right now is premised on new information architecture that surfaced through user personas. The personas were developed through interviews with customers, internal stakeholders & advocates. I didn’t have to do the interviews, but I was involved in getting them scheduled. FYI: scheduling interviews with 20 very busy people is hard & extremely frustrating.

The great thing about this deck is that it looks at several types of user research and gives you the pros and cons. It also points out that you need to use other sources to validate your findings.

3/4 – Oliver Nome: Dazzler

I’m not a big fan of Dazzler, but I thought this image was worth sharing. The character has been getting more attention over the last few years. Mostly in short-run series, but I expect her to keep coming back as comic publishers try to do something about the gender issues in comics.

2/26 – 5 Ways to Successfully Advertise on a Small Budget
Nothing here that will blow the mind of an experienced digital marketer, but it’s a good list for small businesses testing the waters of online advertising.

2/26 – Content Marketing: Interviewing internal resources
This is a great post for anyone trying to wrap their head around inbound marketing or content marketing in general. Everyone talks about the need for more content, but there are not a lot of nut’n’bolts posts about how to get it done. This article gives clear instructions on how to extract content from the knowledge within your organization. Good stuff.

2/26 – 4 Ways to Tell If Your Company Is Too Big to Manage
Any consultant will be able to relate to the issues that Samuel Bacharach talks about in this article. In my experience, #2 & #3 are the ones that lead to the most waste in organizations. The operational inefficiencies tend to build on each other until the ship can’t be steered anymore.

2/25 – Green light often highest hurdle on road to Oscars
I had this grand plan to watch the Oscars, but I ended up catching up on Justified Season 5 with Amazon Prime instead. I should probably write something about the Oscars here, but I think it’s more important to tell you how amazing Justified is. Imagine Deadwood brought into the modern era and mixed with a Wes Anderson movie. Now, let Robert Rodriguez executive produce it. Yeah, Justified is all that and a bag of chips.

2/25 – Mister-rogers-quote-10

I pinned this and then shared to Twitter, but it came from Mashable originally. Mr. Rogers may have been one of the coolest people to ever live. American kids are all a little better for having had him in our world.

2/25 – Quickly Setup A #WordPress Testing Environment With InstantWP
InstantWP is a great find for me. Anyone that develops knows the value of having a testing environment, but not everyone SME has the infrastructure, and setting it a local instance might not be worth the time for a smaller project. InstantWP makes setup so fast that you have no excuse. My only issue was that my spare desktop needed a buttload of updates to run…but that really has nothing to do with this. Sorry, I digress…

Definitely read this article and checkout InstantWP. Honestly, if you are working on WordPress, then you should be checking out WPTavern too.

2/24 – NYTimes: Stability and Chaos, Hallmarks of Presidential Races, Swap Parties
I feel like our elected officials are shameful bunch of asshats, but I still love politics. The upcoming mid-term elections and the 2016 presidential elections are going to be nuts. This article is a good primer on what’s coming.

2/22 – #twerkedtodeath @diplo I’m waiting for this headline to come true.
Found this image, shared on Twitter. Everyone loves it. Twerking is not going away. Don’t let your children do it, but don’t hate on it either. Twerked to death or Motor-boated to Oblivion? I can’t decide which sounds better.

2/19 – World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

The trailer looks great. I’m terrified that they will mess this up, but this could (potentially) be better than all but the first Iron Man movie. Guardians of the Galaxy is not the most popular comic series, but it’s had some of the coolest story arcs over the years. Search for the Annihilation Saga if you are looking for some great characters and stories.

Each re-launch has had greatness in it, but never really stuck. I think part of it’s the fact that the Marvel cosmic stuff has never had a truly big name attached to it. The closest is probably Silver Surfer or Nova, but neither has been big sellers.

There also hasn’t been a lot of consistent effort in building out the universe in terms of races and roles. We hear about the Sh’iar, Skrulls and Kree a lot but they are all somewhat isolated unless there is a war going on.

2/18 – US Navy ready to deploy laser for 1st time
So we have lasers now. And soon we’ll have rail guns. The geek in me says, “HELL YEAH”. The practical citizen says, “What the hell are they doing with my tax money?” Reading this also made me think of the The Transformers, so I added Dark Side of the Moon to my Netflix Queue.

2/17 – Psychster Labs: Facebook User Types, a Psychographic Segmentation

I was extremely impressed by this SlideShare presentation. I’d love to see an update but this is still so much better than most of what’s out there. I suggest starting with slide 7 to spot the User Type that is most relevant to your business, then click through to find more data about them. Then go back to slide 7 when you are thinking about content or ad copy.

2/17 – 10 Red Flags That Can Cause a Tax Audit
I’ve been thinking about my taxes since the beginning of the year. This article popped up just as a I was finishing my expense accounting for 2013. I think I’m in good shape, but we’ll see in a couple of weeks.

2/17 – Princess Bride Cast Reunited
I have no way to do this justice. Go to themetapicture to see it in all it’s glory. Watching The Princess Bride should be a psych evaluation: if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t be trusted with children, puppies or social security numbers. It’s the type of film that guys and girls of any age can watch together and still have a good time.

2/16 – How To Make Friends As An Adult

It hasn’t gotten this bad for me yet, but you do have to be really persistent. I laughed, then I sighed after looking at this.

2/15 – 10 Inspired Business Card Designs Too Useful to Throw Away
One of those link bait posts that HubSpot is great at. I’m not at a point yet where I’m spending much on novelty business cards, but maybe I should be. My favorites are 2, 5 & 8. Not sure I’d ever eat a beef jerky business card, but I like the idea.

2/14 – How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back
I think the advice here is good for any-sized shop, but especially good for solopreneurs or anyone trying to grow more organically. My business has grown through referrals and by doing more with the same clients. I prefer this to cold emailing and cold calling. But I need to get better at making these opportunities arise. This article doesn’t give a lot of concrete advice but it reminds us to over-deliver, be available and always be selling.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and share more there than on any other social network. What surprises me here is how much of my posting is completely unrelated to my business or work. I depend on Twitter to stay informed about marketing and business topics, but I don’t seem to be posting much myself (outside of my own blog posts). I also notice that there is a relatively large proportion of photos, pins, videos and memes in here. I need to make sure that these things are displaying properly or what’s the point.

Featured image courtesy of Kostas1 on someecards

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