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Say an Ambivalent Goodbye to Google Checkout

Google Shopping’s end isn’t a big risk, shouldn’t cause you many problems and gives you a good excuse to improve your shopping experience.

You might have caught Google’s announcement about the ending of Google Checkout. I don’t think this came as a surprise to anyone.The service had lagged behind PayPal for years and penetration didn’t seem to be improving.

And I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Anecdotally, I’d say that few retailers saw heavy usage of Google Checkout and it probably won’t have an impact on sales. Checkout users tended to look a lot like early G+ users: young, male and tech-savvy while PayPal’s adoption (and demographics) have always been more diverse. I know retailers that get 20% of their orders through PayPal, but have never seen anyone get more than 5% from Google Checkout. If you are not selling heavily to guys, then you are in the clear.

Google checkout logo
Should you care that Google Checkout is shutting down? Probably not.

It wouldn’t hurt to do a quick review and get solid numbers for your Google Checkout usage (just to be sure); but your main issues will be cleaning your code and your checkout pages after the service goes down.

I’d also suggest looking at this as a good time to evaluate your checkout and see if there are any quick optimizations you can make. Here’s a good list of ideas from KissMetrics.

The only reason to do more than yawn is if you are selling through the Play Store or mobile apps, then you’ll want to make sure you have Google Wallet setup and that the integration doesn’t catch you by surprise. You don’t want to be dealing with the switch to Google Wallet Merchant during the holiday season when mobile shopping volume is up. Google says that they’ll begin automatic transitions to Google Wallet Merchant in the next few weeks.

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