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Remembering the Marketing Mix

I’ve spent a lot of my career working in organic search and still think it’s the best channel for customer acquisition in the long-term. But I’ve never believed that businesses should rely strictly on organic for success. Since Panda started, I’ve seen a lot of companies struggle to regain traffic and sales because they spent years focusing on organic to the exclusion of everything else.

None of us can afford to be one-trick ponies. Make sure that you are not obsessing over organic while ignoring email, paid search or other marketing channels. Think about how these different channels can work together to move prospects toward conversions.

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase-RetailContribution

Every company will need to find it’s own marketing mix, but you can try Google’s Customer Journey tool (screenshot for retail above) to get an idea of how things look for companies in your vertical. From there, you can go to your Multi-Channel funnel reports to see how channels contribute to your site versus industry averages.

Don’t expect things to matchup perfectly, but you should see a mix of channels contributing to your success. If all your conversions are coming from organic or anywhere else, then you know you need to take a closer look at what you are doing in email, social, paid, etc.


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