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Selfies & Free Association

I don’t usually take or keep many photos of myself, so selfies aren’t really my thing. But that selfie from the Oscars got me thinking I wanted to shoot some of my own.   I found that taking pictures of myself spurred a few strange connections in my brain and also helped me relax.

Here are 5 that I liked a lot. The effects are courtesy of Snapseed. The poise and beauty of the subject are courtesy of good genes.

The Duckface

Chris Boulanger: upside down duckface

I know that mostly women take these, but I felt like I had to take one. The interesting thing about the duckface is that your self-consciousness evaporates after doing it. You feel reluctance for a minute, then freedom to take any picture you want.


Trying to Make Something Happen With Mirrors & Screens

Chris Boulanger: FLCL

I had a mirror and a tablet. I figured something good would come from it. The mirror selfie is harder than it looks. The angles, the lighting and the spacing can all conspire against you. Also would like to have gotten more detail on the tablet screen. [Note:  just noticed  this looks a bit like a  mugshot].

Homage to De La Soul

Chris Boulanger: inspired by De La Soul
This looks nothing like the cover of 3 Feet High & Rising by De La Soul, but that’s what I thought of when I started playing with photo filters.


Shiny Orbs of Surveillance a.k.a. Phantasm 3

Chris Boulanger: shiny spheres of death

The Phantasm Movies have always stuck with me. Not because they were particularly scary or had good acting. But because the little silver balls of death were awesome. Any time I see a shiny orb, I think of them.



Shiny Happy Chris

Chris Boulanger: shiny happy Chris
This picture seems simple, but it took me 4 or 5 tries to get a smile that didn’t scream “creeper” or “off his meds”. I think that means I need to smile more often — or take the picture earlier in the day.  I’m not sure why, but B&W seemed the right approach here.

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