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Smart & Fast: 22 Questions to Touch-up Your Tactics

Grab some quick(er) wins for your marketing by taking stock of what’s working across channels and making sure you apply it consistently. Not everything will translate, but CTAs, value propositions, tag lines and pricing presentation (e.g. “starting at”, “as low as”) can all be leveraged across channels with a little finesse.

You can also look for insights is in your conversions paths, revisit customer scenarios and take a fresh look at  high-performing marketing or sales copy.

Here are 22 tactical questions to kick-start a marketing review:

Note: These questions are not particularly focused on data analysis beyond a few KPIs. Most of the questions are about the words you use and where you use them. Checkout my strategy questions and audience focus questions if you want to start discussions at a higher-level.

Content Questions

  1. Is your current content geared toward a new visitor or repeat visitor?
  2. What are the common terms for your product and industry among insiders? Are you using these consistently across marketing channels?
  3. What are the common terms that people type into your site search? Where do most people start using site search?
  4. What is the “turn-off” for your offering? Why would someone come to the site, see your great product, download, etc. and then not to convert?
  5. Are you integrating any material from sales scripts into your web copy to get over common objections?
  6. Have you talked with customer service about common issues or questions that you can address better?

Touch-Point Questions

  1. What are the common touch-points for converting new visitors?
  2. What is the mix of content that you share in social media?
  3. What other online sources might your audience check before coming to your website?
  4. Are there 3rd-party sites that send more qualified customers to you? Why do you think they are more qualified?
  5. What are the broad category keywords that someone might start a search in Google with if they didn’t know much about your industry? Do you have any pages optimized for these terms? Do you include them in your copy anywhere?

CTA & UVP Questions

  1. What is the most effective call-to-action you’ve found for generating leads or sales?
  2. Are you testing CTAs across print, email, ppc and content marketing?
  3. Is there a key selling point that you emphasize across all channels?
  4. How difficult is it to sign-up for free trials or demos?
  5. How effective are free trials or demos at generating customers compared to people that don’t use them?

Path & Funnel Questions

  1. Excluding your marketing-specific landing pages, what are the top 10 landing pages for new lead generation?
  2. Does your website direct new visitors to a specific path? For example, do you have a “Getting Started” section or a introductory email campaign that you point newbies toward?
  3. Do you have a reactivation strategy for dormant leads or customers that haven’t bought in XX days/weeks/months
  4. What’s the most common point of abandonment in your shopping cart or other forms?
  5. Which customer segments have the lowest abandonment rates?
  6. How do you get additional sales from recent customers?

The goal here is to get you looking more closely at the content of your messaging and see if new themes surface or discover that effective approaches haven’t been shared across channels. Initially, use a brain storming or whiteboard session with your team to get answers/ideas on paper. After that, you can go deeper.

If you work through all the questions, then you’ll find some wins. Repeat this process every 3-6 months to make sure you are keeping your materials updated with new learnings.

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