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Smart & Fast: 9 Audience Questions to Identify Your Customer

It’s worth it to re-examine your customer profiles or user personas before launching any new marketing project and when looking at the results of your current marketing activities. Make sure you know what they want now and don’t be comfortable with a one-size-fits-all approach to targeting.

Here are 9 Audience  questions that you should ask and answer before developing KPIs or campaigns, and definitely before dispensing budgets.

  1. Is your preferred audience already familiar with your brand?
  2. Are you targeting individuals, small shops, mid-sized firms or larger enterprises?
  3. Does the person selecting your product usually have purchasing authority? Or, do you need to sell at multiple levels of an organization?
  4. On average, how long is your sales-cycle for new customers?
  5. Is your focus on new client acquisition or increasing sales from existing customers?
  6. Are current and past customers aware of your full-breadth of offerings?
  7. What problem does your offering solve (What is your value proposition) for the groups in the previous question?
  8. Is there a seasonal component to when people need you?
  9. Is there an entry-level version of your product or service that is a starting point for relationships?

If you read my 5 strategy questions post a couple of weeks ago, then I think these questions are a natural next step. The point of these questions is to make sure you are keeping the brand awareness, needs and buying habits of your audiences in mind when you craft and assess your marketing. You can ask these questions at org-level (division, business-line), but I think they are extremely valuable at the channel-level (print, email, tradeshows) to make sure you have the right expectations and metrics in place.


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