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Mobile Momentum: Tablet & Mobile Phone Behavior Reports

If you want to make your mobile data more actionable, then you need to start going deeper on the devices, operating systems, browsers and other dimensions that matter.

Separating Tablets from Phones

We’ll get you started by giving you separate reports for tablet and mobile device behavior. These reports are a good starting point because they’ll familiarize you with how differently people behave when they are browsing from their couch with a tablet versus out and about with their phone.

Both these reports use Device Type as the primary dimensions, but you can still apply operating system and other dimensions. The metrics are also identical in both reports. I focus on the high-level behavior metrics & then add a page speed section because load times are what kill mobile experience.

Here are 2 behavior reports (remember to login to GA before clicking the links):

It took a while for tablets to be recognized as their own special thing, but we’ve learned that tablet usage has it’s own context and customer behaviors. With phones, people are using them on the go and for very specific types of consumption. You want your reporting to give each device category its due.

What to Look for with Tablets

It’s okay if the number of sessions is much smaller than desktop, but tablet behavior (engagement) should look similar to desktop. Bounce Rate & Pages/Session are the metrics I’d start with. If the numbers aren’t similar to desktop, then check that your site is displaying properly on tablets. Navigation is often an issue: hover actions and small text can make it impossible to navigate around your site.

What to Look for with Mobile Phones

Mobile traffic (phones) is going to be less engaged (shorter visits, few pages), but they should be sticking around long enough to consume your (shorter) content. Look at Session Duration to make sure they are not leaving as soon as the page loads.

These reports are meant to be bite-sized. You can add whatever you want, but try to avoid information overload. We’ll look at other dimensions of tablets and phones in my next post. If you have any specific questions or issues that you want me to discuss, then leave them in the comments.

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